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    Special Thoughts on Raising Kids...

    I’m not held back because of what I can’t do. I’m held back because of what I’m afraid I can’t do. More often, I am held back because of my fear that I might fail, and as a result, I might not like myself. That’s called lack of self- esteem.

    Our self-concept rules our lives. It sometimes works as a wonderful encourager and sometimes as a tyrannical dictator, controlling almost every move we make, it talks to us constantly, “You can do it. Go for it!” Or, “Not me. I could never do that.”

    Our self-concept lives at the subconscious level of thinking, over which we have little control. It grew there when we were little children and continues to grow and change with every new experience. The subconscious mind stores every experience just like a computer.

    However, computers have no ability to decide right from wrong, fact from fiction. Everything stored in the computer later comes out as fact. In computerland this is known as “garbage in, garbage out.”
    Our subconscious mind does the same thing. It cannot tell the difference between things we vividly imagine and things that really happen. As a result, everything that is stored comes out as fact, even when the original source is imagination or misunderstanding.

    A youngster’s mind is especially receptive to what is going on in his or her world. The self-concept computer is not firmly set. Therefore, children are easily influenced by the messages they think they hear from their parents and teachers. We can help children store positive or negative messages. We do the best job of this, not through our words, but through our actions.

    Parents and teachers who constantly encourage children to decide between two alternatives teach children to think for themselves. They send powerful messages that imply, “You are so smart that I can allow you to think for yourself.” This action also implies, “I can trust you to know what is good for you.”
    Wise parents usually suggest two choices in a manner that allow them to be happy with either choice. An example of this is: “Our car will be leaving for town in 20 minutes. Are you going to wear your coat or carry it? It’s your choice.”

    Some parents give order, such as “You wear your coat or else!” This sends a “you’re dumb” message. After a period of time these parents discover using too many orders has caused their child’s low self-concept.

    A child’s self-concept is the sum total of all the “you’re smart” messages he or she hears minus all the “you’re dumb” messages. Hopefully, our actions send more positive messages than negative ones.

    Kids Look at Our Actions to Learn Who They Are

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    School Info:
    Tuesday and Wednesday evenings this week are our student-led conferences.  We are excited to announce that our upper grades will be doing online portfolios!  All of our students have prepared for their parents to attend and celebrate their learning, so we are very excited and thrilled to see you all here in the next couple of evenings.  A big thank you to PIP who has organized treats to be delivered to the teachers while staying late 🙂

    The Cash Raffle by the School Board is underway.  Please see the office for a book of tickets to sell.  The draw will take place the evening of the Christmas Concert (Dec. 18 @ 6:30).  The first prize is $300, second prize is $200 and third prize is $100.  Please help us raise $5000 for the playground.  If we sell all the books at $2/ticket, we will raise $5000!

    The clothing that has been collected in the Lost and Found will be set out on tables during the Student-Led Conferences.  Any clothing items that remain after Nov. 19 will be donated.

    It is that time of year again where the snow trickles in and can cause wet spots on the floor.  The students do not like wet socks and it can become hazardous.  Please help us out and remove all outer footwear at the doors.  This also helps to set a great example for the students.

    Our violins will be performing at the Festival of Lights and at the Forks Market in the next few  weeks.  Thank you for all the student practice and parent drivers to allow it to happen!

    The school will be hosting BSL Church and helping to complete about 50 hampers for families in need.  If you are in need of a hamper or know anyone who is, please contact Mrs. McCrea as soon as possible.

    Christmas Concert Information

    Our Christmas Concert will be in a new format this year!  As we tell the  Christmas story of the Bethlehem Star we will have mini skits, videos, singing, violins and band performances!  It will be an exhilarating experience that you won't want to miss.  Our Christmas Story will take place at the Caboto Centre at 1055 Wilkes Avenue on Thursday, Dec. 18 at 6:30.

    Students are to be at the Caboto Centre for 5:45 wearing their Christmas attire! (don’t forget a change of footwear).  The concert will begin at 6:30 and will be followed by treats and fellowship.  If you are able to donate Christmas baking we would appreciate it very much.  If you are able to provide some treats, please let Mrs. English know at with the subject line Christmas Treats.  You can drop off the nut free baking the morning of Dec. 18 at the school and we will transport the items to the Caboto Centre.   We will be requiring families to pre-order tickets to attend the concert.  This will be coming home in the next week.