Chapel Themes and Schedule for 2017-2018


Every morning, after the Canadian National Anthem the students will hear a short song that will help them memorize a bible verse or a part of the catechism weekly followed by the current prayer. The students will be taught different prayers throughout the year. The students are currently saying the following prayer which is done over the intercom:

“We give thanks to you dear Father, through Jesus your only son, that you have kept us through the night, from harm and the evil one.  And we pray that you, would keep us this day from danger and harm from going astray.  Let all our deeds be pleasing to you and stay with us all through the day, your angels protecting the way.  For in your name we pray, Amen.”

During devotion time, all classrooms recite the Lord’s prayer and will say a prayer before both snack and lunch times.  Students learn many different prayers throughout the year, please ask your child what prayer they use in class and if you require the words for the prayer please contact your child’s teacher.

BSLS Chapel Services are held on Wednesday mornings at 9:00 am. Each Chapel service will focus on the Lutheran message which teaches all of our young students on how they are serving God’s community through the many outreach and stewardship opportunities through the school and the church. Our chapel services involve many different components that have been specifically planned to engage the students and to help the children understand and hear about God’s love.  God’s Law (the Ten Commandments) and God’s Gospel (grace & forgiveness) are shared in every lesson at chapel and throughout our days with the children and with one another.  It is especially important for children to hear about God’s grace and forgiveness, and it can be easy as adults to focus on the law and expectations, rather than the Gospel.  At chapel, there are responsibilities given to each classroom throughout the year for all students to participate in chapel when possible.  The responsibilities this year are the candle lighters, candle extinguishers, bible verse readers, chapel artists, prayer readers and of course, singing and doing the actions to the many songs we sing.  We are always interested if a student is interested in playing violin, piano or sharing another talent during our chapel services to enhance our student involvement.  Please speak to your child and teacher to hear about how your child is involved in our weekly chapel services.

In Chapel This Week….

Lord’s Supper (Luke 21-22)

For the everyone

This year’s chapel theme is “God’s Vineyard of Life.”  We’ve traced our way through the Bible, watching how God created life, made life flourish – and even promised to restore life when Adam brought death into the world by eating fruit of the forbidden tree.  God’s tree of life, was temporarily taken away from Adam, and God has been working through all of Scripture to bring it back.  Finally – its back – but its not what we expect.  It’s a cross.  And its fruit is Jesus, hanging for the life of the world.  And in a mystery that is beyond telling Jesus offers Himself in a meal that we really eat – in order to be forgiven and live.  Eat from the tree of life.  On the very night before He was crucified, Jesus took the Passover feast (an ancient feast of deliverance from Egypt, when God brought His people out of slavery) and He made it new – full.  He told His disciples that He is God’s Passover Lamb for the whole world.  He took bread and broke it and gave it to His disciples and said, “Take, eat.  This is my body, which is given for you.”  In the same way, He took the cup after supper, and when He had given thanks, gave it to His disciples and said, “Take, drink.  This is my blood, which is shed for you, for the forgiveness of sins.”

What Adam lost – Jesus has brought back.  Where Adam ate real fruit from a tree that brought real death – we eat the real fruit of the cross – the body and blood of Jesus – and it brings real forgiveness and eternal life.  God is still the champion of life – its defender and sustainer – and He pours out His own life to prove it.  You and I are given to eat and drink – and live.


Heavenly Father, Your plan is so high and holy.  It is amazing.  Thank You for restoring the tree of life to us in the cross of Your Son Jesus.  Thank You for letting us eat the fruit of His cross and live.  Help us to look more into these precious, holy things You are doing, and grow up in the knowledge of Your grace in Christ.  Strengthen us in body and soul for the good work You have prepared for us here below, until that Day when Your Son returns to usher us into His eternal kingdom.  In His holy Name we pray, Amen.




Schedule for 2017-18



  • 6 – Creation (Gen. 1)
  • 13 – Creation (Gen. 1-2)
  • 20 – Creation: Adam and Eve (Gen. 2)
  • 27- Fall (Gen. 3)


  • 4 – Cain and Abel (Gen. 4)
  • 11 – Noah and the Flood (Gen. 6-7)
  • 18 – God’s Promise to Noah (Gen. 8-9)
  • 25 – Joseph and his brothers (Gen. 37)


  • 1 – Joseph’s troubles (Gen. 39)
  • 8 – Joseph feed Egypt (Gen. 40-41)
  • 15 – Joseph forgives (Gen. 42-45)
  • 22 – Jacob blesses his children (Gen. 48-49)
  • 29 – Annunciation (Luke 1)


  • 6 – Joseph’s Dream (Matt. 1)
  • 13 – Mary visits Elizabeth (Luke 1)
  • 20 – Birth (Luke 2)


  • 10 – Jesus changes water into wine (John 2)
  • 17 – Jesus feeds 5000 (John 6)
  • 24 – Jesus heals ten men with Leprosy (Luke 17)
  • 31 – Parable of the Sower (Matt. 13:1-9,18-23)


  • 7 – Parable of the weeds (Matt. 13:24-30)
  • 14 – Baptism of Christ (John 1; Matt. 3)
  • 21 – Temptation of Christ (Matt. 4; Mark 1; Luke 4)
  • 28 – Triumphal Entry (Matt. 21)


  • 7 – Lord’s Supper (Luke 21-22)
  • 14 – Peter denies Jesus (Mark 14)
  • 21 – Passion of Christ (Matt. 27)
  • 28 – Jesus dies (Luke 23)


  • 4 – Resurrection (John 20)
  • 11 – Jesus appears on the road (Luke 24)
  • 18 – Jesus appears to Thomas (John 20)
  • 25 – Jesus appears in Galilee (John 21)


  • 9 – Jesus Ascends into Heaven (John 21; Acts 1)
  • 16 – I am the Vine; You are the branches (John 15)
  • 23 – God sends the Holy Spirit (Acts 2)
  • 30 – Peter and John heal the lame man (Acts 3)


  • 6 – Philip and the Ethiopian (Acts 8)
  • 13 – Conversion of Saul (Acts 9)
  • 20 – Paul and Silas in prison (Acts 16)
  • 27 – John’s vision of Heaven (Revelation 21-22)