Chapel Themes and Schedule for 2018-2019


Every morning, after the Canadian National Anthem the students will hear a short song that will help them memorize a bible verse or a part of the catechism weekly followed by the current prayer. The students will be taught different prayers throughout the year. The students are currently saying the following prayer which is done over the intercom:

“We give thanks to you dear Father, through Jesus your only son, that you have kept us through the night, from harm and the evil one.  And we pray that you, would keep us this day from danger and harm from going astray.  Let all our deeds be pleasing to you and stay with us all through the day, your angels protecting the way.  For in your name we pray, Amen.”

During devotion time, all classrooms recite the Lord’s prayer and will say a prayer before both snack and lunch times.  Students learn many different prayers throughout the year, please ask your child what prayer they use in class and if you require the words for the prayer please contact your child’s teacher.

BSLS Chapel Services are held on Wednesday mornings at 9:00 am. Each Chapel service will focus on the Lutheran message which teaches all of our young students on how they are serving God’s community through the many outreach and stewardship opportunities through the school and the church. Our chapel services involve many different components that have been specifically planned to engage the students and to help the children understand and hear about God’s love.  God’s Law (the Ten Commandments) and God’s Gospel (grace & forgiveness) are shared in every lesson at chapel and throughout our days with the children and with one another.  It is especially important for children to hear about God’s grace and forgiveness, and it can be easy as adults to focus on the law and expectations, rather than the Gospel.  At chapel, there are responsibilities given to each classroom throughout the year for all students to participate in chapel when possible.  The responsibilities this year are the candle lighters, candle extinguishers, bible verse readers, chapel artists, prayer readers and of course, singing and doing the actions to the many songs we sing.  We are always interested if a student is interested in playing violin, piano or sharing another talent during our chapel services to enhance our student involvement.  Please speak to your child and teacher to hear about how your child is involved in our weekly chapel services.

In Chapel This Week….

In chapel this week we heard about the prophet Elijah. God used him to show all of His people that He is the one true God, but the people didn’t respond the way Elijah thought they would. Elijah was expecting a big change in the people. He was expecting they would all turn in trust towards God, but they didn’t. So he became miserable. His heart was filled with grumpiness and he ran away, lay down under a tree and gave up. This happens to us too. When God doesn’t fulfill our expectations of life, we can lose heart and give up. We can feel like there is no point. But God didn’t leave Elijah there. He sent an angel to touch him and wake him up. “Get up, and eat” the angel said. So he got up and ate the bread and drank the water. God gave him strength. He reminded Elijah that His plan and His purposes will always happen. That Elijah can trust Him. He led Elijah through the desert to the mountain of God, and took him from his lowest moment to the very top. God promises the same with us. He will not leave us alone, even when we are grumpy, but will send His messengers to touch us and tell us to “Get up and eat” – look to Christ who is with you in every difficult moment. He did not give up, so that He could strengthen you and give you joy no matter what you face. On your own it is miserable, but relying on His strength He gives joy.

Image for this week’s bible lesson


Father in heaven, my heart is often grumpy.  I think I know what should happen, and when it doesn’t I get frustrated.  But You show me that You know best, and that like Elijah you will always be with me and give me a reason to get up, a reason for joy, a reason to set my eyes on where you are leading me – even Your high and holy mountain.  Remind me whenever I go astray, and hold me trusting You all my days.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Schedule for 2017-18







  • 9 – Jacob with Rachel (Gen.29:1-3,9-20)
  • 16 – Elijah in Wilderness (1 Kings 19:1-8)
  • 23 – Last Supper (Luke 22:14-23)
  • 30 – Thief on the Cross (Luke 23:39-43)


  • 6 – Abraham and Isaac (Gen.22:1-14)
  • 13 – Golden Calf (Ex. 32:1-14)
  • 20 – Jesus’ Arrest (Matt. 26.47-56)
  • 27 – Jesus’ Last Words (Luke 23:44-46)


  • 6 – Cupbearer Forgets Joseph in Prison (Gen. 40:9-15,20-23)
  • 13 – Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25-37)
  • 20 – Jesus’ Disciples Flee (Mark 14:43-50)
  • 27 – Joseph’s Brothers Forgiven (Gen. 50:15-21)


  • 3 – Birth of Moses (Ex. 2:1-10)
  • 10 – Jesus Mocked (Luke 23:32-37)
  • 17 – Jesus Dies (Matt. 27:45-54)
  • 24 – Mary at the Tomb (John 20:11-18)


  • 1 – Road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35)
  • 8 – Jesus Appears to Disciples Upper Room (John 20:19-23)
  • 15 – Jesus Appears to Thomas (John 20:24-31)
  • 22 – Red Sea Crossing (Ex. 14:5-29)
  • 29 – Dove Returns to Ark (Gen. 8:1-11)


  • 5 – People Rebel and Moses Intercedes (Numbers 14:1-24)
  • 12 – Woman Caught in Adultery (John 8:2-11)
  • 19 – Jesus struck in court (John 18:19-24)
  • 26 – Great Commission (Matt.2 8:16-20)