Principal’s Update

This October, between October 2-6, a professional optometrist is coming to our school to give FREE eye exams to all of our students! We’ve opted in for this service to ensure that each and every child gets an equal opportunity to see a certified optometrist, and is assessed with the latest technology available.  I trust that for you parents, it will save you time and hassle, and it will scratch just one more “to-do” off of your back-to-school list!

This is a service fully covered by our Provincial Health Plan, and fully supports local optometrists in our area. Each exam takes only a few minutes (less than 10!) with state of the art equipment.

All we ask from you, is to complete 3 simple steps:

1. Please fill in the Permission Click at  Deadline to have this done is September 27th.  Your child’s appointment time will then be scheduled.

2. Receive the comprehensive Eye Health Report Card after your child’s eye exam is complete.

3. Discuss any questions or concerns with the optometrist – they will be available to contact after their time at our school! 



Mrs. McCrea