BSLS Parent Handbook & Office Letters

BSLS strives to have their parents as informed as possible.  The weekly emails from teachers and the updates from the Principal are our main form of communication.  We also send letters at times too.  This year we are trying something new and have a blue folder for each family that will be used to send home any notes that come home from the office with the oldest sibling in the family.  When you see the blue folder, please be sure to be attentive to the notes inside and return the folder as soon as possible to the school office.  We will try to be environmentally friendly and reuse the folders several times throughout the year.   When notes do come home, we will also be posting the letters on this page. Please feel free to review and download (and even print) if required again.


2017-18 School Handbook


Office Letters:


Schools and daycare letter – Oct 2017





Copy of Copy of academic-calendar-2017-2018

Mabel’s Labels