Clear Benefits

BSLS has a character all its own: one that exudes warmth, kindness, calm, respectfulness, safety, and creativity. These wonderful characteristics are the result of dedicated effort by a knowledgeable and committed faculty and staff who work to create an exemplary environment for children. BSLS has many advantages, including:

Our low teacher/student ratio – According to the research, lower ratios significantly affect academic success, both in the short– and the long-term. Low ratios in elementary school have positive long-term effects on students’ success rates at higher levels of academia. We have been in compliance with the Department of Education’s future initiative for many years.

Our multi-grade classrooms – Researchers agree that children exposed to multi-grade rooms are at an advantage. Children in multi-grade classrooms actually develop better social skills and a stronger sense of responsibility, in addition to being exposed to more concepts.

Our sense of community – Each person matters at BSLS. By supporting and celebrating one another’s strengths, we are all stronger.

The quality of our staff and their high level of commitment – Working as a cohesive unit, BSLS teachers ensure that every student reap the benefits of several exceptional educators. Each teacher’s “area of expertise” is shared with the rest of the faculty, ensuring that the school’s commitment to current research on best teaching practice is a collegial endeavor from which the students will benefit. Our teachers care about each student and their lives both in and out of school. Our teachers can be found at their students’ ball games, sports events, piano concerts and other non-school events.

Our students’ refined sense of responsibility – This is a direct result of multi-grade classrooms and the application of a loving discipline philosophy through which students are held responsible and accountable for their choices.

Our safe, comfortable classrooms – Faculty respect and trust their students. In return, the students have respect for themselves and one another.

The careful grounding within the faith – Each morning, faculty gather to pray for everyone in our care. Faculty members also pray with their students at the beginning of the school day. Chapel is offered once a week, led by a Lutheran Church Canada pastor.

The support of our Parents in Partnership (PIP) – All parents of students at BSLS are members of PIP, which is an active and integral part of the school. Parents are welcome to become part of the PIP Executive, or to be a welcome voice at each of the PIP meetings; whether parents contribute by attending the PIP meetings or giving of a special skill or time, your contribution assists in continuing the warm sense of community atmosphere and the continued success of the school in providing Excellence in Education.

Our French instruction – Beginning with K level, all students are taught Basic French language. The Kindergarten – Grade 3 classes receive twenty minutes a day of instruction. The Grades 4 – 8 classes receive thirty minutes of instruction a day by a French Specialist.

Industrial Arts/ Human Ecology classes – Through a shared services agreement with the Louis Riel School Division, we are able to offer our students a quality Industrial Arts/Human Ecology program. Our grades 7 and 8 students attend these classes at a nearby public high school, Nelson McIntyre Collegiate, one day of a six day cycle.

Music Program – BSLS is one of the few schools in the Province that offers a Band program, a String program and an extracurricular Violin program. Recognizing the inherent value of music education in the early years, our Violin program is offered to all students in grades 1-4. The Band program involves students from grades 5-8 who regularly perform at various school events and concerts. Private violin, advanced fiddle, and piano lessons are also available over the lunch hour and after school.

Extra-curricular activities – Jump Rope Club, Basketball and Volleyball Teams, Running Club, Intramurals, School Patrols, Choir, Chess Club, Scrapbooking Club, We Care Club and others are offered throughout the year.

Our professional relationships – We have excellent working relationships with other independent schools within Winnipeg and with the public schools within our division. We are active members of the Manitoba Federation of Independent Schools.

Our committed School Board – Founded in 1994 under the direction of Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church, BSLS continues to benefit from the committed governance of the church and parent members of the school board to offer the exemplary educational environment that characterizes BSLS. Our board members are recruited to fulfill specific portfolio specialties where the board member is able to focus in their area of expertise. Beautiful Savior Lutheran School’s School Board leads the school with vision and integrity with our staff and students at the forefront of importance.

BSLS graduates do very well when they go on to other schools, with excellent academic preparation and the necessary skills to assist them in coping with the social, emotional and spiritual challenges in Grade 9 and beyond.