This active committee is composed of all parents and teachers of Beautiful Savior Lutheran School. Its purpose is to enhance the education of the students, to facilitate communication between school and home, and to provide opportunities for parental involvement in the life of the school. The goals of PIP are to promote fellowship, provide education for parents and help in fundraising for the school.





Our first fundraiser in now closed. 

Thank you for participating in the Glenlea 2020 Winter Fundraiser!

We will update you on the delivery date.



Is COVID-19 preventing you from getting your Christmas shopping done safely? Well look no further, we’ve got your Christmas shopping solution right here!

This year PIP has organized a One-Stop-Shopping experience that is both safe and easy for everyone to use. We have 5 different vendors to choose from, including Norwex, Epicure, Scentsy, Thirty-one, and Tupperware!

Please share this information with your friends and your family. All commission made from these sales will go directly to the school along with any free product earned! The free product will be saved for our next event or an online silent auction.

As we are unfortunately not able to have our biggest annual fundraiser this year, our Fall Gathering,  due to the pandemic we hope this One-Stop-Shop will help to help fill the gap in our fundraising year.

Please order by November 20th so that we can ensure delivery by Christmas.  Please feel free to contact the consultants for samples, questions or for any help you may need. 

Epicure – Consultant: Anita –

Norwex – Consultant: Bryn –

Scentsy – Consultant: Jenn –

Thirty-31 -Consultant: Bryn Saunders –

Tupperware – Consultant Natalie Craig –

Happy Shopping!  Details for pick-up and delivery will be communicated to you through the consultant.  Have fun and Thank you for your support!


MABELS LABELS fundraiser is still active. Using Mabel’s Labels will help prevent lost toques, mitts and snow pants (yes, snow pants) going into the lost and found bin at the school. This fundraiser campaign is ongoing and you can order anytime.

Thank you for your continued support!

Next Meeting 



PIP Executives

Past President: Jackie Culley and Marianne Lozinski
President:  Marianne Lozinski and Bryn Saunders
Vice-President:  Natalie Craig
Secretary:  Nikos Kioussis 
Treasurer: Michelle Chrisp and Heather English
Fundraising Chair:  vacant
St. Mary’s Campus Rep: vacant

Meeting Information


Parents In Partnership Bylaws: PIP Bylaws February 1, 2016


Your contact with the current executive is welcome. For contact information call the school office at 984-9600 ext. 5

Thank you to PIP and Community Places for our new playground equipment!

PIP’s current fundraising efforts will continue to go towards playground enhanceme