BSLS strives to have their parents as informed as possible. The weekly emails from teachers and the updates from the Principal are our main form of communication. We also send letters too. When notes do come home, we will also be posting the letters on this page. Please feel free to review and download (and even print) if required again.

BSLS COVID-19 School Plan

          Screening Checklist
          Symptoms of COVID-19
Manitoba Education & Training Links:

There is a link at Engage.mb that also includes a tool to ask questions and receive answers about the return to schools. 

For the latest news on Manitoba Education’s COVID19 response and FAQ, please visit:

School Handbook 2021-2022

Office Letters

Fundraising Information:

School Supply Lists – 2021-2022

Please add a reusable cloth mask or disposable masks to all supply lists.  

Kindergarten – Ms. Whitney

Grade 1 – Mrs. Seimens

Grade 2/3 – Mrs. Van Dale

Grade 3/4 – Ms. Meilleur

Grade 5/6 – Mr. Bennett

Grade 7/8 – Ms. Townsend